Pamela Pine is the person behind An experienced and impassioned international public health and child abuse expert, she has designed, implemented, and managed programs all over the world in international health and development; created organizations and developed, implemented, and managed awareness, prevention, and healing programs and projects to address child sexual abuse (CSA) prevention and mitigation; and designed, developed materials and methods, and carried out programs to open hearts and minds and elicit understanding. 

Pamela uses her vast experience as a base for her informational and motivational presentations. She has written extensively, both technically and creatively. The release of her novel, "Known", is expected in 2018. 


CSA occurs when a child is engaged in sexual activities that the child cannot comprehend, for which the child is developmentally unprepared and cannot give consent, and/or that violate the law or social taboos of society and which often take place on an increasing continuum of abuse.

The aftermath of CSA can leave years of emotional and physical torment. Many CSA survivors do not get the help they need, stymied by shame, fear, and stigma. For 18 years, Pamela has brought her vast experience to groups worldwide to increase awareness, understanding, and action!

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As family members, community members, and bystanders, our increased understanding can help survivors cope and make survivors feel safe. We are their first line of defense. Pamela can provide all types of presentations to all types of groups that help people better understand and cope with CSA. (Pamela has trained teachers, nurses, doctors, judges, lawyers, social workers, police, psychologists, therapists, and others.) She can also work with you on national, state, and community levels to help design and put programs in place to positively impact families, communities, states, and countries. (Please see a partial list of past presentations and involvements on the Events tab.) 


Improving the health of families and communities is another concern for Pamela. Well-versed in many areas in many aspects of public health (e.g., Child Survival, HIV, Leprosy, TB, the relevance of culture and environment in international health and development), she has dedicated her life to the health of the world's populations. Contact her to learn more about her talks.

Areas of Expertise

HEALTH-RELATED EXPERTISE: Maternal and child health (MCH) and survival including orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), Child sexual abuse (CSA) and Sex Trafficking, Family planning/reproductive health (FP/RH), HIV/AIDS, Infectious diseases, Environmental health), Non-communicable and chronic diseases, Poverty reduction, Health communication (IEC, behavior change, PR, marketing), Gender, Research, Private-public partnerships/corporate social responsibility. 

COUNTRIES of PROFESSIONAL WORK EXPERIENCE: Albania, Botswana, Cyprus, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Hungary, Kenya, Morocco, the Philippines, Poland, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Yemen.

LANGUAGES: English, Arabic, French

To the right, from upper left, and clockwise, Pamela consulting in Jordan on a youth advocacy program; at a major Africa summit; in Paphos at the ruins while in Cyprus to provide training for the Ministry of Education and Culture; and, while at the 22nd World AIDS Conference in South Africa, visiting the Nelson Mandela museum.